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Bed Bugs and Summer Camp

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

“Sleep tight! Don’t let the bed bugs bite!” We wish sleepy children goodnight with this charming phrase. In reality, bed bugs will definitely give a nibble.

First telltale signs of a bed bug problem may be bites. Like mosquitoes, the bites leave a red welt. They bite exposed skin on people and pets.

Bed bugs love summer. It’s a peak season for them. These pests live in most temperatures but thrive in warm and humid weather. Summer is often a social season. We travel to catch up with family and visit new places. Our children have sleepovers with friends. There are lots of people and movement.

Think of bed bugs as a social pest. They want to be near people, more the merrier. They are excellent hitchhikers. Crawling from person, pet or object, they stow away. This carries them easily to the next place and they quickly spread. Their small size also makes movement easy for them and difficult for us to detect.

If your children are attending overnight camp this summer, bed bugs might be on your mind. Warm temperatures and group living are the perfect environment for a bed bug situation. A few preventive measures can help before and after camp.

Inspect your child’s camp room or cabin when dropping them off. Include plastic bags in their luggage for anything clothing returning home. When your child returns from summer camp, unpack items outside. Wash everything on high heat and clean luggage.

Continue to monitor for stow away bed bugs. This little pest loves the warm blankets of a bed. Due to their name, many people assume that bed bugs are mainly found in linens. Cracks in furniture, baseboards, the narrow opening around a light socket or window are all good spaces to look for bed bugs. Make a summer full of memories and don’t let bed bugs join the fun.

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