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Extreme Mosquito Season Ahead! | Garrison Pest and Termite

Accuweather supplies weather predictions for areas across the country. The website will also give forecasts on topics affected by weather such as allergy, migraine and mosquitoes. The current mosquito forecast for Dallas is predicted to be extreme.

Mosquitoes like heat. When the weather is cold they will lay eggs and die off or find a place to hideaway. A nice hot summer day of 80 degrees or more is perfect mosquito temperature. Due to the extended warm temperatures in Texas, mosquito season is longer than most areas in the country. It can last from February to as late as mid-Fall.

Weather plays a major role in the intensity of mosquito season. It is often known that mosquitoes like water. Heavy rainfall will add to an increase in mosquito activity. After a rain, particularly a heavy downpour, watch for pooling water on your property. Areas of collected water are a perfect mosquito attraction.

Check your children’s toys and dump out any collected water before play. When working in the yard, watch for puddled water in your outdoor tools like a wheelbarrow. A few moments of care dumping standing water will help remove attractive resources.

A less reported issue about mosquito season is the affect of dry weather. While many know that mosquitoes like water, we are not aware of what the effect of a dry spell will do to the mosquito population. Mosquitoes get thirsty when it’s dry. Meaning they are going to be more aggressive.

Summer mosquito bites are a familiar nuisance. The red welts cause a severe skin irritation. Lately, communities are addressing the dangers of disease transmitted by mosquitoes. Many Texas communities are taking proactive action to get ahead of the extreme mosquito season and health risks.

From the high heat to the extreme mosquito season, everything is bigger in Texas.

To schedule your monthly mosquito services in the Dallas area, call Garrison Pest and Termite at: 972-707-9998.

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