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Spring termite swarmers are looking for new colony locations now

Is your home or commercial structure termite-proof?

Termites cost homeowners and businesses billions each year. Although wood is generally assumed to be the main termite target, that is not always the case. In fact, termites are known to destroy items made with wood, such as paper: this includes books, photos, and documents.

Because termites cause more damage than any other pest in the United States, it is essential for those who own houses and commercial buildings to know the signs of a termite threat.

If you see an insect that looks like an ant with wings, take caution. Flying termites that act as scouts looking for a suitable location to start a new colony are called “swarmers” and look like flying ants. Once the swarmers have landed, their wings fall off and they create an underground colony that will keep growing for many years if untouched.

As a result, watch out for insects that look like flying ants. Also look for shed wings. Likewise, look for tubes of mud on foundation walls, and what look like knife cuts in wood on the exterior of your home or building.

Ideally, a year-round termite prevention plan is the best line of defense. But if termites have arrived, or already colonized, before professionals have treated the area, the number one issue is speed: contact an exterminator immediately to promptly handle the situation.

Because termites reproduce so rapidly, delaying a professional extermination can allow a small matter to turn in a potentially devastating infestation, both for the structure and its contents.

Unsure if your home or commercial building is termite-proof? A professional pest control or extermination company can inspect and assess your home or building for existing termites, and also identify any areas that could make the structure more vulnerable to insect infestation.

Over time, a structure damaged by termites will become structurally compromised, even in danger of collapse in extreme cases. Doors and windows may not operate properly. Floors and ceilings may sag. And these shifts can allow other pests into the structure when air-tight seams are no longer straight and sealed.

Spring is when termite swarmers are actively seeking new locations for colonies. With the help of a professional pest control company, you can be sure your structure is not a termite’s location of choice this season.

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