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Prepare now for spring pest control services

Spring is nearly upon us, and your neighbors at Garrison Pest and Termite are standing by to schedule your spring pest control services in and around Dallas.

Certain species start to become more active in the warm temperatures, so a few small precautions today can prevent calling Garrison Pest and Termite to respond to a big problem tomorrow.

First, look for any and all water problems that may have cropped up over the winter. Water provides the ideal habitat or conditions for certain pests, so wherever there is standing water, water leaks, and dampness, there is a greater chance of something unwanted turning up inside your home.

Examples of water issues to look out for include roof leaks, issues with gutters and downspouts, and general air and water leaks where cracks and

openings have formed with the changing of temperatures in particular.

Next, make time to do a thorough, deep cleaning of your home, especially the kitchen. Clutter gives unwanted pests a place to nest and hide. Food gives pests of all kinds a reason to come in and stick around.

Outside, take a look above and below: start by cutting back overhanging limbs on trees that can block the sun from drying out damp areas. Next, look on the ground and consider your placement of gardens and flower beds, as certain plants can draw the very insects you are trying to reduce in the first place.

Remember: prevention is always better than elimination. And clean, dry places are always better than damp, dark places. By taking the time and energy now to take away the reasons rodents and insects invade a home, it becomes much more likely that the preventative maintenance services from pest control companies like Garrison will be a lasting success.

To schedule your spring pest control services in the Dallas area, call Garrison Pest and Termite at: 972-707-9998.

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